I'm Francisco Cifuentes, Pixel Artisan from Chile[South America]. I've worked for several projects including Indie Games, GBA/DS homebrews, Ilustrations for a variety of media such as chiptune covers, books, etc. among others. nowdays i just spend my spare time doing freelance work, if not simply pixeling for the sake of enjoyment.

You can contact me at: metarro [♣]

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Oh yeah, did up another one of those tutorials, this time on the musclebound male physique and how it relates to character design. You know… for those days when you have a huge cast of beefy dudes and you aren’t sure how to vary them beyond giving them different hair cuts…


It may seem like I’m ragging on bodybuilders here, but that’s not the case, I think more people just need to consider what the difference between muscles for show and muscles for work is. Not every guy who can kick your ass is gonna have diamond cut abs.

This is also posted in one piece on my DA gallery for people who want to download it but don’t feel like saving four different files.

I apologize for having to re-post these sets, but I wasn’t able to find anyone who blogged them! They’re phenomenal muscle references, though, so I feel the need to post them.

I wish I could find something like this for women, but sadly nothing has come up yet. If anyone has anything of that nature, my submit box is open!

I magine everyone’s already seen this; it’s done the rounds a few times, but it can’t hurt to post it again!

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